Matt Eckstine wows on sophomore solo album Lil' Blue Local singer/songwriter taps into Petty and more, in his own way By Sean Kelly

Matt Eckstine rolls with the tide with new Lowcountry-inspired album, ‘Lil’ Blue’- By Christopher Berinato / For Do Savannah

a likeable combination of blues, country and even Hawaiian-tinged tunes that reflect the life and sub-culture of the area... It’s clear that Eckstine has learned a lot from John Prine in terms of his songwriting style, which he is now developing into his own, with perhaps even a touch of Tom Petty, and there is nothing wrong with that. ” - Russell Murphy


Eckstine is his own singer/songwriter but the Prine influence is unmistakable and not at all unwelcome. He’s paid his dues and he’s a comer you’ll be hearing more of as his rep grows.” - Chris Spector

Midwest Record

If you’re looking for earnest, original, acoustic music, you should give this man a listen. Matt’s a very talented singer-songwriter with back-porch vocals that make you feel at home”

Curtis Lynch - The Local Magazine - Columbus, GA

This album is ten tracks of the 'good stuff'. The soulful sound is reminiscent of Arlo Guthrie but softer. Less in your face and more straight to the heart. That guy knew how to not only tell a story, but make his listeners feel every nuance. Matt Eckstine has that ability, adding his own smooth groove that just transports you to a different plane. ”

Kelly Henkins, Kelly's Country - Birch Tree, MO

An ardent student of John Prine and a wide breadth of singer/songwriters, Eckstine strings together solid Americana tunes from his scrapbook of influences, but always with his own endearing personality entwined. There are moments of levity mixed with serious jaunts throughout this album, all forming a well-rounded, extremely pleasant solo debut.”

Joshua Peacock - Do Savannah

There is such a charm in these songs and his enchanting vocals ... these sweet sounds, these delicate melodies are moments of pure pleasure ....really a great album. ”

— Mike Penard, ISA Radio - France

Savannah singer/songwriter Matt Eckstine finds a new home in his solo work with new recordings. By Joshua Peacock - Do Savannah

Matt Eckstine: ‘I felt an urgency to do it’ Singer-songwriter on The Accomplices and going solo By Anna Chandler - Connect Savannah