Eckstine speaks universal truths that will move you.”

Tara Joan, The Daily Country, No Depression

Eckstine is his own singer/songwriter but the Prine influence is unmistakable and not at all unwelcome. He’s paid his dues and he’s a comer you’ll be hearing more of as his rep grows.” - Chris Spector

Midwest Record

There is such a charm in these songs and his enchanting vocals ... these sweet sounds, these delicate melodies are moments of pure pleasure ....really a great album.”

— Mike Penard, ISO Radion France

Continually inspired by the shifting waves of his life, the Lowcountry and the coast he calls home, Matt Eckstine’s evolution as a songwriter has reached a new peak on his second solo album “Lil’ Blue.”   

Eckstine moved to Lowcountry from his native Ohio nearly two decades ago. He fronted the wildly popular Americana band The Accomplices—Voted Best Band In Savannah by Savannah Magazine 2015 and 2016—where his craft as a songwriter began to take shape. In 2017, Eckstine released his debut solo album and began a new chapter in his songwriting saga.   

Anchored in the sand, all alone between the devil and the deep blue sea, the “celebrity” cabin Little Blue on Hunting Island in Beaufort County became a focal point for Eckstine while putting together his new batch of songs. A photo by Delk Haigler made for the perfect cover.   

The cabin withstood a frontal assault from Hurricane Matthew in 2016, only later to be torn down by the government due to erosion. Here grows the unifying them from Eckstine’s work: hold fast and roll with the tide, finding peace in where you are between the crashing waves of life.   

For years, Eckstine has developed as a songwriter and performer due to the overwhelming support form his local fanbase that encompasses Savannah, Beaufort and Hilton Head. Performing over two-hundred shows a year, Eckstine is one of the hardest-working and in-demand musicians in the Lowcountry.   

Whether solo or with a backing band, Eckstine mixes up the set list with songs from his solo records, his time with The Accomplices, and a range of choice covers, striving to keep the show energetic and engaging for the audience. Eckstine rightfully claims the Lowcountry as his home and his performance space. His second solo album came to life thanks to the very ground he stomps with his guitar every week.   

Harnessing a wide range of influences like Jack Johnson, Steve Earle, James Taylor, and the Laurel Canyon sound, and straining them through an easy-going filter that embodies life on Coastal Georgia and South Carolina, coupled with imagery invoking that coast. Eckstine has grown from his John Prine and folk influenced roots into a singular singer/songwriter inspired heavily by his home of nearly twenty years.